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Use Rudder initially.. not aileron please! use track line to keep RW heading or at least be seen to be making sensible HDG requests from PM.

You will get RAW data departure to first point of SID then vectors for ILS. The FO will be an experienced person and be very helpful. Time permitting you may get a NP approach to watch your tracking and thought process for configuration.
Target pitch for normal rotation is 15 degrees and 13 degrees SE.
You will get a briefing pack, the sim check which will last about 25 mins.
It is not a chopping exercise and is straight forward. What they don't want to see is over-controlling, jumping ahead on checklists and rushed attitudes, keep it simple.
FTG.. yes ESB base is now 100% roster as most of the Anadolu flights go through there but at the moment crews from SAW/ABD/AYT do a layover in ESB to help out.
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