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Will they learn!?

Seems like the Middle East is the place to be. I have not heard of thesehuge penalties in other parts of the world. I considered leaving the sandbox,but I think I will stay right here. Job security, travel benefits, medicalcoverage, no crazy penalties. Concerning the guy who received the huge penaltyfor an altitude bust..., $12k I believe?... My friend knows him. Apparently theoriginal contract he signed with Spring did not even contain language whichwould legally allow Spring to penalize him that amount of cash!. I agree,Legally, Spring is on shaky ground even trying to enforce this insane type ofpunishment. Even more insane is there apparent inability to see how theseactions are seriously impairing their ability to crew their airplanes. Otherissues which have impacted my decision;

The apparently horrible hotels. I have seen unbelievable pics of some ofthese places and would almost imagine them to be photoshopped, they look soshity.

The end-loaded bonuses.

The contract terms which allow Spring to charge the pilot for RE-TRAINING ifhe fails and sim or training event!?

Best of luck to you there.
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