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Originally Posted by LJ
Ref: AEW

I couldn't agree more - as did BWord in post #1096 that started this debate

However, you can't kill them with electrons so you need a decent AD fighter to service the AEW detections.
I totally agree with the words being uttered by folks and I have continually voiced my concerns regarding the choice of aircraft\air wing. One of my snippets which I believe was post #671 but some may argue it has nothing to do with 'No cats and flaps'

Choosing the aircraft has to be done alongside of choosing the type of base it operates from. Should we learn from previous conflicts and if so what lessons can be learnt from the Falklands where Harriers sometimes only had a 10 minute ability to remain over target before having to return back to their carriers, no tanking ability, back home to refuel. AEW, AEW and AEW.... The importance of that asset cannot be emphasised enough and the days of surface skimming missiles coming in from a maximum of 50 miles are over. Is the helicopter AEW capability good enough to detect long range incoming surface missiles and would we then need several aircraft to give adequate cover? Would choosing the -B prevent the Royal Navy from having the AEW cover it would need for any future conflict?
Milo is hitting the nail on the head and others are also nibbling away at issues I consider to being very relevant.

What will the aircraft carrier be used for?

If it is an aircraft transporter then load it to the gills with the F-35B and enjoy the ride.

If it is to be used as an aircraft carrier to project independent, self supporting power projection then we need a very large wallet or in RAF talk... handbag

If we want to play the big boy's game and have a completely self supporting battle group then it has to be done properly. At the moment the only AEW aircraft we have is the Sea King helicopter and is that good enough? Once we put the carrier into harm's way then it MUST have the best AEW available.

The type 45 destroyer is a state of the art air defence weapon but at what range can it detect incoming sea skimming missiles? It will need to work in conjunction with a suitable AEW asset that is working away from the battle group, but still under the protective umbrella of it.

This new carrier will probably be the most expensive asset in the Royal Navy and it has to be protected; I fear this issue has not received the attention it deserves or if it has then will ever be deployed to far away places where it cannot be defended by land based aircraft?

Wittering humour
Hopefully we have first class anti-submarine assets apart from the MR4A that can defend our carrier battle groups Or is this an 'Astute' point
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