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yep.. and funnily enough, when i travel to and from france, i have to show my errm passport...

of course the freedom of movement [sic] in the EU also makes the movement of illegal immigrants between states easier..

however.. the economics point..

what is the money in the bank account worth.. what will that be worth tomorrow, or in six months time..

will you be able to fill your car with petrol or go shopping for anything other than local produce, because anything imported or a commodity that is pegged and traded at another currency will become unaffordable because the currency in the bank is worthless internationally and the currency that can be used anywhere is a fallacy because the same goods cost different amounts in different regions and EU states, so it only hold an intrinsic value on a local level, which of course makes the whole exercise moot.

of course to those that bury their in the sand, they have to come up for air sometime or they suffocate.
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