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ICBM and Lowe F,

Sorry, but Typhoon STOBAR is a non-starter in my view - see my previous posts on this particular piece of BAES nonsense. Happy to expand if required, but I don't want to bore. Much the same goes for 'Sea Gripen'. It's possible that a Typhoon could launch off a ramp, but not with a useful payload. Recovery? Problematic.

Bottom line - my view- unless you use a STOVL aircraft that can stop and then land (thanks John Farley), and use a ski jump, you need a proper cat and trap aircraft to go to sea.

The UK looked at ramps on carriers in the 1950s, and the USN have tried ramps with cats, tested F-14s, T-2s and Hornets. The USAF also looked at the concept. The USN concluded that as long as you had a good cat, the extra safety and performance offered by a ramp was offset by limitations on ramp entry speed.

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