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To give the proposed point of impact at 642'46.08"S 10644'7.38"E (Google Earth coordinates) further support, I want to show you two images for comparison:

The first image is a frame that I extracted from a video uploaded to YT by Sergey Dolya on May 11th (as it is a video recorded by a smartphone, the quality lacks quite a bit):

As you may already have figured out, the circle marks the point of impact that is also seen on multiple photos round the interwebs. The reason I chose a video to compare is because the complete fly-by scene is giving a quite good impression of how the landscape is formed - better than on still photos, especially regarding the location of the peak in the background that I marked with an arrow.

The second image is extracted from Google Earth and the references are marked in the same manner:

Line of sight in both images is 270. Note the bright patches at the peak in the background, and judge for yourselves (also take into account, that the height profile in GE has very limited resolution in that area, therefore a lot of detail is lost)...
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