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they also mentioned to me when I joined that our training will be over in 18 months. U have already spent 18 months and still yet to get to the line training. U can see why i am not happy.

And I have every right to be sad/happy about a service from AAG. I have paid for it after all.

Lastly I cannot just leave AAG now. This is because i would lose time and money. I contacted many flying schools in Europe and none of them will even consider my ground school. So if i have to leave then i would lose money and time. I would have to pay another $30k atleast and lose another year doing the 14 books again! I would not be refunded cash from alpha on my ground school or flying.

So i have no choice so please do not act so smart!

and halla halla do what you like. this thread does give a good indication to you about the present/past situations of AAG.

If these were all lies this thread would have been closed!
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