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@ honestpilot

So what if alpha sent us to australia?...they got our training done in two months!....yes they told us before we joined that we Would be doing flying here and its gonna take 6 months!...thats what is said in my contract!...so i guess 2 months instead of 6 is not too bad after all!.....plus i got to do my flying at AAPA which was a really good experience that i'll always cherish!...

And personally for me and i can speak for my batch when i say 'Things are better and still getting better!'....the best is yet to come

Now that ur in the course you can either be positive about it and look forward to your training, OR continue to talk bad about it!..

And you dont have to say 'sadly' your still at alpha, coz no one really forced you to join and no ones making you stay now!...whatever you say, choice was yours!!....plus i know people who have left the course and been refunded with the part of money that they havnt used!..

@ halla halla

Please do not make decisions about your career via a forum post, do come to the academy and check things yourself!..All The Best!..
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