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Dear all,

I'm a professional pilot with ABY and I just want you guys to understand the most important thing: There is no JOB GARANTEE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
I joined ABY with thousands of hours on the bus. I only signed my contract after successful completion of my line training. Yes, every time you change airline you have to undergo line training ALL OVER AGAIN (just less sectors to fly off course but still)
Every 6 months I have to demonstrate during 2 days simulator sessions that I'm worthy, that I AM A PROFESSIONAL PILOT, so I can still fly.
And I paid A LOT OF MONEY for my training too (even more than you guys, I did it all in Europe)...with no garantee of ANY JOB.
That's the game...I am the garantee of myself...I study hard...I love my job...I deliver a highly professional standard... the airline is happy...I fly.
That's how I keep my dreamjob alive.
Best of luck to y'all "who dare" to take the "faith leap" (like Assassin's Creed game)...the journey is rough but full of joy if you can.
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