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Guys, have some hope. The intake of CTC graduates is not going to lead to QR stopping FTSO hiring. These are different programs, the careers page is still displaying an advert for FTSO. Those who have already been interviewed for NTSO and have passed, should not worry about not joining. QR already stopped NTSO applications a long time ago, those who are already in the system and have passed selection should eventually join.

Let me get one thing straight right now: QR DOES NOT EVER SEND EMAILS TO SAY: PLEASE WAIT THERE IS A DELAY. They will ONLY send you three emails if you were successful:

1. You've passed the selection
2. Here's your contract/joining date
3. Here's your ticket and visa

That is it, no one from recruitment will send any unauthorized emails. Go through this forum and see if anyone has reported different. That means that if you have received email #1 you will eventually get email #2. HAS ANYONE EVER RECIEVED EMAIL 1 BUT NOT EMAIL 2? Check the forum it hasn't happened. Some people waited 6 moths but they finally got it.

There are no new NTSO joining right now, except for Qataris as there is a shortage in training resources. Also a whole bunch of pilots have joined from a bankrupt European Carrier, so all training resources will be allocated for them first. They are experienced and can be put on the line quickly. They will resume with joining dates for NTSO soon. Do not think that you have been forgotten. Do not start guessing things in haste and despair. Be patient. The recruitment department is too busy to take your calls and to reply to each and every request. I don't think you realize what a busy place QR is right now.

Hold in there, everyone SO that is in QR went through what you are going through, its not uncommon.
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