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I don't think most of us expected a proft share; however I am sure you'll agree that many of us thought that as a gensturethe company *might* have given a week or two as a 'thanks'... watch the resignations roll in, especially from the CC who were considering leaving but just might have been persuaded to stay by a bit of recognition from their 'dear leaders'....

Management 101 suggests that if you appreciate and engage your workforce then they will give back even more in monetary value than what you 'spend' on them- whether that be time or money. It doesn't even have to be a monetary gesture. Clearly they kind of miss this point. One only has to watch the completely crappy attitude of some of the crew onboard (to each other and to passengers) to see where they have failed to do this. They just don't get that all they had to do was to say, look, no proft share- but as a small token hey, here's a week or two- they'd probably have dramatically improved the morale of a good chunk of the CC- arguably the biggest customer facing section of the workforce and definitely the biggest influencer on the customer.

Now watch what happens, especially since they will be forcing all the A380 fleeted crew to cross-qualify on the 777....! Hello resignations...
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