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with some image enhancement, the initial impact witness mark appears quite flat relative to the steeply rising terrain, the sweepback angle of both wings apparently evident with foreshortening of the starboard wing "shadow" compared to that of the port.

Further up the slope, displaced slightly to port side of the nominal flight axis, what appears to be a tail-cone, and further up the debris field foliage discolouration roughly consistent with the symmetry, shape and size of the tail surfaces.

Discolouration to trees and ground cover appears to start at POI, and continue to those on the apex of the ridge, once again the center-line of this runs towards the top centre left of the image.

Two features which appear to be heavily damaged tree trunks to the centre right, one is above the POI, the other below.
There is heavy scoring of the surface below POI (landslide) which continues out of frame.

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