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XV436 Vs the Hay Bails

Courtney Mil wrote:
No, fella. The story isn't quite like that. I was there and wrote about it in my journal. By the way, it was at Coningsby. Corrected by those involved, if you're interested, the story is here: XV436
good day,

Blimey was it really 5th March 1980 ???

I was on 228OCU at Coningsby, a Liney, all scuffed toe caps and holes in the knees of my Number 2 Trousers! Instead of Stn Guard Duties we OCU Lineys did Fire Picket for a week, spending our night with the Fire Crew.

I was on that night XV436 went bouncing off the end of the runway:

The damaged Mk9 fire engines wasn't caused exactly as you state in your Journal; we all scrambled to our vehicles and lined them up on the small track from outside the Fire Section to the runway in line astern. As the very unwell but still Mighty Toom passed our noses and there was the double bang of Martin Bakers finest working to their usual perfection, over the radio came the call from Crash 1 of Go Go Go followed by someone else shouting Stop Stop Stop. That came from ATC I think as the the crew were still dangling beneath the silk. Unfortunately Crash 1 and the First Mk9 stopped but the second Mk9 with young SAC Howie didn't by means of its own brakes and smacked into the rear of the first one. I ended up in the foot well somewhere hugging a large fire extinguisher which had just belted me round the back of the head.

In all a most memorable night !!

That's a very interesting site you have there and I think I'm going to enjoy reading it.


PS to steady the thread drift a bit, soon after I was posted to 111Sqn at Leuchars, just after the Sidewinder Incident. Anyone have the full story of that one???

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