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Just going to pick up on a couple of points, as mostly you have replied very sensibly.


I don't understand your message there, sorry. Isn't the target supposed to reflect reality? What exactly was the target?
The Company announced an annual target along with the profit announcement last year, as they have done every year except one. It basically set the same profit target this year as was achieved last year. The actual figure is available on the Employee portal. They may have thought it reality at the time, circumstances have seen to it otherwise.

In essence, you are claiming that EK exaggerates their profits to get financing, while at the same time understating profits, in order to limit the 'profit share' for it's employees. If indeed you are correct, then you are describing a situation worse than I am.
Erm..this makes no sense. I am saying that you think they underestimate as it effects your profit share, while competitors think they over estimate as it makes those competitor feel better about not making as big profits.

I have no inside knowledge as to the truth but, to be honest, can't see why the Company, and more especially it's Auditors, would be motivated to announce anything but the truth.

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What evidence to you have of this?
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