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I have never heard of Jimmy and will look it up. I do understand why a lot of people feel disenchanted by the political pArty that is meant to support the working class. But I do believe they are doing their best.

In a world where the Clive palmers and Gina Rheinharts have almost unlimited budgets to supports their causes and chosen political parties the Labor party is stuck between a rock and a hard place. I believe that Julia Gillard has been subjected to extra scrutiny because of her gender. Male politicians are allowed to try to do each other out of a job no questions asked. But because PM Gillard is female she has been subjected to unreasonably harsh critical for doing what is normal in politics.

Male politicians are not denigrated for their relationship status or choice of jacket or hair style. For gods sake Tony Abbot can wear speedo s on national television and still be treated with respect and dignity. Double standards?

The Labor movement is brave and forward thinking for electing a female leader. It is a shame that the electorate is having such a hard time coping with equality.

Saying that the labor party has lost its testicles is incorrect in my humble opinion.

The labor party are attempting to introduce massive reforms in the form of a mining tax and carbon tax. These tax s will help the little people in the long run , but this is hard to see in a 24 hour news cycle environment.

The Nazi party rose to power after Germany was subjected to unfair policies after world war one. Greek working class people are currently being treated terribly , due to the negligence of their politicians. Nazi state definitely does not apply to Australia. But Our Tibetan and European neighbours feeling like their only choice is self immolation ? Yeah , it's a really bad situation.

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