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Unions, Murder, Thugs and an Heiress

In July 1975 heiress publisher and community activist / union collaborator Juanita Neilson was kidnapped and murdered. Property developers were believed to be responsible for her murder yet no one was ever charged. Nielsen had been successful in her campaign with the unions to stop developers in inner Sydney "destroying" inner city areas. Juanita Neilsen realised she might be in danger in the lead up to her murder.

In 1973 Arthur King, a member of Sydney Push, campaigned along with the BLF Union against property developers wanting to demolish his Sydney neighbourhood. He was kidnapped. A V Jennings was involved, and wanted to use strike breakers against the BLF Union.

Developers wanted to turn Sydney's Botanical Gardens into a car park for the Opera house.

During this period of Australian history police were charged with corruption, as were union leaders. Does this mean that all police And union officials are bad? I don't think it does. These are complex issues. The idea of a society without police and unions terrifies me. Cabin Crew moderators on this website in the cabin crew section have locked me out of the thread I started there on Seniority. This does not mean that all PPRuNe moderators are fascists.
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