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Hi there, actually it wasn't the roster changes. Every company has roster changes. It was the nasty and incompetent viets. It was the total lack of information provided by the company on anything and everything. There was no training "at all" it was trainers who were clearly not qualified or capable of the positions they held. It was the smoking on the flight deck. It was the shouting and yelling on the flight deck. It was being the token English speaker on a long haul flight. It was the CRM. It was the working environment. It was the lack of ability and lack of being able to see common sense and reason. It was living in Hanoi, one of the most polluted cities in the world with its black sky's and filth. It was about the company not bothering to reply to emails on anything or picking up a phone in the office. It was a total shambles. I can handle total shambles. I've had it many times before, but what I won't tolerate is incompetence and unqualified. They can have that all to themselves.
If your happy there then good for you. The A320 fleet and ATR fleet are happier by all accounts. So are the Saigon based people. I have never seen such a poor standard or such a lack of ability and CRM in all my life.
I did fly with a few good, and nice viets on the 777, but the vast majority were nasty, unfriendly, and incompetent.
Never in my flying career have I ever wanted to exit a company so fast. It was terrible. Not just the job either, but living in Hanoi and everyday dealings with the Vietnamese.
Hope this answers your question?