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We operate a Challenger 604 a Global Express 5000 and a Global Express XRS.

As mentioned above (in previous posts) for operational reasons a modern ultra performing biz jet can usually operate at higher altitudes when compared to the airliners.

The Challenger 604 is limited to FL410. Usually on long flights we will cruise it between FL370 and FL410.

On the Globals even if it is certified to FL510, the highest I have flown it so far was FL470. This altitude was used on a short flight (about 3 hours in length) for weather avoidance or on very long range flights like Beijing to Montreal (non-stop in 12 hours 15 minutes at a long range cruise of M0.83).

However this said, for passenger comfort and pilot fatigue we usually fly the Global no higher than FL410 (unless operationally needed) because at that flight level we have a cabin pressure of only 3600 feet which makes a big difference to both passengers and crew.

FYI, the 604's cabin pressure at FL410 is around 8000 feet (4400 feet higher than the Global's cabin)!
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