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We have it here in this Welsh river valley. Two virulent patches near the mill buildings. Burning, cutting, poisoning with Round-Up, to no avail, and we have been trying for 6 years. At present the only option is containment of the two areas ... digging around the edges to stop the rhizome spreading to buildings. The E.A surveyors have all but given up the fight, the cost and effort to tackle the vast amount of infestation on Welsh & English rivers is not worth the pitiful results. We tried full strength Round-Up and succeeded in destroying large areas of native vegetation and pollution of the river, but no effect on the knotweed. Given time, nature in the form of evolution and ecology will obtain a balance, but for now knotweed is winning hands down.
The latest EA idea to import knotweed eating beetles from Japan may work, but cane toads in Aus are a warning about what can go wrong.
Edit to say, some farmers around here are harvesting the dried out stems, they burn very well in straw bale furnaces and provide a useful fuel. Perhaps GM will one day enable us to eat the stuff!
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