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No, you're wrong about the rumour thing. GMB has been granted sole rights to represent two new MF branches by BA. You can see the agreement here:

GMB Cabin Crew - BA Heathrow - A fresh look at industrial relations

You might be wrong to assume that 51% GMB membership was achieved since it is in BA's gift to negotiate and agree with whoever it likes.

Mr Pony, following yesterdays BASSA Branch meeting which I attended, it appears some folk have embarrassingly overstepped their remit.

Len McCluskey himself informed us that our CEO Keith Williams and Paul Kenny of the GMB had no knowledge of the GMB representing Mixed Fleet and that it would indeed contravene TUC rules, which they certainly are Ďarsedí about.

Len went on to assure us there was no animosity arising from this, as he and Paul Kenny are the best friends and would be having a chat over tea and biscuits.

I suspect those responsible for the embarrassing faux pas will also be having chats, without tea and biscuits.

Following the meeting we were all drinking something a little stronger, as the unfinished business of our dispute was finally resolved. Confidentiality prevents me from going into details but ALL outstanding cases are settled.

Hugs all round, as we can now focus fully on delivering outstanding service to our customers.

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