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I would hope however that simply being an EU citizen, flying an N-reg in the EU on FAA papers would not, in of itself, be enough grounds for arrest/and or impounding of the aircraft. I would have thought that the authorities would need strong evidence that the aircraft was actually EU based as well to take action.
I take it you have never been ramp checked in France on a Friday afternoon. They are more than happy to put you in a cell over the weekend until things are sorted out.

It was the same with the VAT certs. If there is a high chance they know they are going to find something they will head over. They will prob leave it 3-4 months to see what moves and then start targeting.

Bit of a bitch though if you get pulled in Italy and then get hammered for the tax after you have sorted things out.

Britain doesn't have that many spot checks and was more than likely quite fly with getting the 2014. Let all the rest fight the fight and by 2014 most of the flak should have died down.
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