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Hi a321,

I was waiting to see someone to jump on that. Over embellished a touch in retrospect, agreed (sorry), but at risk of sounding like a tosser, I wanted to see what would be said.

Yes, there is a market down turn. But its not a constant. The average is still upward trending. Pax numbers are consistently up across the board.
Yes, some carriers are reducing output in order to weather the storm.
Have a look at these 2 links.
The economic downturn will reverse, as it always does. We cannot continually blame the worlds woes on this.

European airline traffic and load factors up in Sep-2011, but outlook mixed for major carriers | CAPA

4.8% Passenger Growth in 2011 for Europe's Regional Airlines

As you can see, it aint rosy reading, but its not depressing either.
Loads of new aircraft continue to be purchased all over Europe,
Boeing are expecting a 20% increase of aircrew in Europe due solely on orders over the next 18 years. (A while I know). But focusing on ''now'' in regards to this issue is a mistake. The wider implications over a protracted period - say the next 20 years, are far more wide ranging


If there is a gluttony of pilots, then why are the new JAA sponsored courses in NZ, Australia and America training record numbers of students? Because there is a demand for them, that's why. Why the airlines prefer them and not multi thousand hour aircrew is a different subject.

No Rose tinted glasses here my friend, all many of us are asking for is a fair and impartial opportunity to remain open so that we CAN look for work without blowing $30k in conversion costs.

On a personal note though a321, I wish you best of luck with the job hunt. I've heard rumours of Thomas Cook hiring, as well as Virgin and Jet2 recently. But there will be others who know better on that count.

Oh yeah, I live in France
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