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This whole thing is nothing to do with safety which some people don't seem to realise.

It has been brewing for years.

Its all about a group of people giving the middle finger to the goverments and saying stick your rules up your arse I have found a way round them, I prefer these ones.

The loophole is now being shut.

As for policing it, all it takes is for every N reg to be met for a couple of months and the crew if not able to produce a JAR license or a green card/US passport get thrown in the nick and the aircraft impounded until its all sorted out.

You have been out manoveured by pro politicians end of story.

Apart from a minority who have been using the loophole nobody really cares one little bit. Some of us are pleased that the loophole is being shut. But are not pleased to see folk loosing their jobs. But you get that when loopholes shut. Whole industrys have shut down when they shut loopholes. Not much in the news about all the folk in the channels islands that are out of work now the VAT excemption has been closed.
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