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Ignoring the people who just want to say "I don't believe you in different ways" and if anyone cares:

Where does everyone think the Russia routes would go from/to. LGW-Moscow seems fairly obvious.
Which airlines might provide a nice fit to EZY? Flybe seems to keep getting mentioned?

P.S easy and others before you get your knickers in a twist I am not saying we are buying airlines....merely that APPARENTLY someone is looking at it!!! This isn't a case of Chinese rumours, its stuff that came from someone who would know. I mentioned it in the hopes of stimulating interesting discussion about the information, not about the valididty of it.

If we wait and see whats the point in having a rumour network and discussion board??? Makes it a bit boring without rumours really!!!!!!!

As an aside days before we bought GB Airways Andy Harrison stood and told a room full of people that we would never buy another airline. Days later.....!!

P.P.S I don't want to fly the boeing again and can't be bothered with another type rating so my vote is for the NEO! Can the C series carry the same pax as a 320 though?
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