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Troop Captain Goon 'DAT' I think, left us a few years ago and his widow just last year.

I did not know him, as I was long gone from Tern Hill but I am still friends with his son in law and daughter.

Incidentally, I had two short stints at Tern Hill separated by a 'get your knees brown' trip to Malaya and followed by a 'get the rest of you brown' to Borneo. T/H has very happy memories for me and I visited the station, courtesy of its Army 'owners', a few years back. The end wings of the splendid officers' mess were pulled down and the long corridor is now interrupted with a string of fire doors - no more riding motorbikes along its length after dining in nights now! Still it was nice to be back and the best bit was being flown in there from Shawbury in a Griffin.

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