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Indeed Mr Lee I thought the Brothers had perhaps fitted you with lead boots and dropped you overboard.
Indeed Mr. Green Granite, things are worse than you have imagined. Had I only been dropped overboard in lead boots my life (or lack thereof) would most likely be better.

I am worried that even Mr. Draper was involved in my abduction since I have been forced to knit a tiny 'shedite' sweater with 'SWH' stitched in large letters in a prominent location. Once, while being moved from facility to facility the hood slipped in a way that I could see for just a moment and in that glimpse I could see a gold statue of Tony Draper surrounded by a group of women in supplication - one of whom was a tall, well endowed (mentally) young lady of Asian or Oriental descent who may have been a seductively clothed Singaporegirl in a hypnotic trance. I also heard an Australian accent followed by the sound that was very much like a shell being chambered in a shotgun.

All I know is I am being forced to learn fine embroidery; to what end I can only speculate.

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