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When you have a sport such as Formula one which relies heavily on sponsorship by way of advertising then wouldn't it be in the interest of those involved aka BE and others for the long term viability and longevity of the sport as costs increase because of the nature of technology for as many people as possible to watch the racing?

How many people will not watch now because they either can't afford a pay channel or a disenchanted with it because of the relentless money grab from those involved?

The more people who watch, the more people are seeing the advertising on both the tracks,the cars and even the drivers clothing and caps after the race.

Do the people who have made this decision have anything to do with the people who own Sky Sports?
Just to clarify things, Bernie and his companies actually had very little to do with this BBC/SKY deal.

The Beeb were contracted to do all races for at least another year, but decided they were spending too much on F1 and that money would be better spend on quality programmes like "Strictly Come Dancing". Because they couldn't just cut and run, as that would leave them with a HUGE bill for breaking their contract, THEY came up with the idea and negotiated the deal with SKY which was then approved by Bernie as he knows he'll still get his TV rights revenue.

So, as far as this situation goes, you have to blame the Beeb and not, for once, Bernie.
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