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While I would dearly have loved to have seen a 641 aircraft flyby, I can't help but wonder how operationally effective they all were. How many would have been needed to acheive the same effect as 16 Typhoons had in Libya?
A good question Jimlad 1. Does anyone know how many aircraft and of what types were deployed during the Suez Crisis, just three years later on from 1953?

I understand that apart from R.A.F. Valiants, Canberras and Venoms the FAA weighed in with Carrier-borne Sea Hawks and Sea Venoms.

But that said, lots of questions will still remain unanswered. For example; Were the aircraft deployed in Suez made available with ease and able to cope easel? And were the aircraft deployed in Ellamy as much as the R.A.F. dare deploy without inviting serious risks and would they have been much happier with a degree of slack as I imagine they had plenty of during Suez and still cope admirably?

Woops! Am I now guilty of inviting thread drift on my own thread!?!?!?!

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