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Details of Queen's Coronation Review at Odiham on 15th July 1953 above.

The earlier coronation fly-past on 2nd June 1953 in front of Buckingham Palace was a different affair entirely. It consisted of 168 fighters (144 R.A.F. Meteors and 24 R.C.A.F. Sabres). In those days Buckingham Palace fly-pasts flew from south to north past the palace, rather than as they do now from east to west down the Mall.

The route was over the Thames Estuary to Canterbury, the feeding-in point for the the various wings. From Canterbury, south to Dungeness, on to Hastings Pier continuing to Bexhill where the formations turned north towards Biggin Hill and then over south London to fly past the front of the palace.


only used UK based aircraft - none from Germany or further afield.
Not quite. See the entries showing 2nd T.A.F (Germany based) aircraft. And some R.A.A.F. aircraft too - not sure where they came from / were based.

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