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Originally Posted by Machinbird View Post
Take a look at this article from Flight Global about the Legacy 500 Bizjet: Boeing inspects 787s after aft fuselage composite delamination - FlightBlogger - Aviation News, Commentary and Analysis
(Ignore the statement about Boeing 787-it really is about Embraer.)

Linked sidesticks, C* law but with softer protections in some areas, an AOA limiter, back driven autothrottles, and a different way of doing some things. Looks to be a very pragmatic approach.
Thanks for that link - very informative. Does indeed look like somewhere between A & B approach, proper moving throttles, but bus-style sidesticks. Ugly chimera or best of both - time will tell. Someone in marketing probably needs firing for naming it "Legacy" mind you...

This has me a bit confused:
Embraer emphasized that the Legacy 500 and 450 are speed stable by design
I think that must refer to failure / direct mode, as the videos look to me to show it controlled like a path-stable airbus (not like 777).
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