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Hey All,

I also would not recommend Shenzhen Air to any new pilots...I've been here three years as well and there are better places to be for the cash. Let's face it...you aren't trying to settle down - you're trying to bank tons of cash to get out of this part of the world and on with your life!

Communications from the company are increasingly adversarial and hostile (even for China where some of that is to be expected...which is pathetic in and of itself). Recently the Airbus pilots have all been treated to an extra 2 hour CRM check ride to make sure we are communicating with the FO's well. Maybe when they learn proper English......

As far as the hotels go the only really nice one we have is in Guangzhou (hear Harbin isn't bad) and that one is due to be switched. The Nanning hotel is so lovely that I and others have opted for paying for a stay in the Marriott on our own dime....

Bottom line...you can stay in crappy hotels, be subjected to random and ridiculous check rides, endure hostile management and the local culture ANYWHERE in China.....go for the CASH! ....and the schedule ( which Shenzhen doesn't have!!)
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