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ChristiaanJ typed:
So far, there are no serious suggestions that the IR data 'went topsy-turvy', apart from a few conspiracy maniacs.

So yes, they could see the horizon... it was right in front of them on the instruments.

Suggesting, indirectly, one can't fly at night through the ITCZ unless being VFR, is slighly fatuous, no?
Well sir, though I take great pride in being fatuous at times, in fact I am a master at it, I say, "No!" I only mentioned this fact as a point of comparison between the two flights, AND...it has been oft-mentioned here by people with much greater qualifications than I, that the AF pilots' inability to see the real horizon may have contributed to the lack of situational awareness in the cockpit. Wasn't MY idea! Certainly, they weren't able to "fly at night through the ITCZ unless being VFR." I'll be online all morning awaiting your groveling apology.
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