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I don't think it is the captains responsibility to verify the other pilots are qualified. That is the airlines responsibility knowing all three crew members have to leave the cockpit to have legal rest.

Has anyone on this forum ever asked another pilot to verify they are qualified? Didn't think so.

Also saying he was fully qualified but still pulled the SS up into a deep stall because he lost airspeed verifies he wasn't qualified except on paper. A few copilots I flew with were legal but not safe so I never left the cockpit. He sounds like one of them.

We are not in a pilot shortage quite yet so why do we hire incompetent pilots when we have competent ones available? Maybe the pay scale? I knew on my first day on the job I could single pilot the 737 if needed with no problem. Now all that seems important is the bottom line of company profits so pilot ability is not important, just pass the minimum standards.
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