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No need to get snarky chaps. The questions were simple
Every time I see another thread about sequencing bitching from the sky gods, I doe a little more inside.
I wasn't bitching, I was genuinely interested in the answers and had an open mind to learning something from you guys.

1/ Do you think the designers were being a bit optimistic when they required a 10 knot speed reduction from 250 to 240 about 30 miles from touch down?
By that I mean did they really think that the system was going to work so well that a ten knot reduction would actually be influential in creating the required separation and that controllers wouldn't be giving much greater reductions or increases well before this point?
2/ Why don't you just give everyone a required time at Aradi or Basiv or Jabba or similar and let them sort out the profile and speed to achieve that?
This question has been answered and I am glad that it will be introduced soon.
Now, for an arrivals manager type program (eg Meastro) throw in crews who are too retarded to do what is asked of them and magnify the above.....

... but you already knew this,...... right?
Well I now know something about the type of person on the other end of the radio. I'l just asume an anomaly though and give the rest of the NZ controllers the benefit of the doubt.
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