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Talking WASINC's Job Fair

Hello Gentlemen,

I will try to respond to USMCProbes and others. I gave up my USA pilot job for the contract position. With all of the ups and downs in the US I feel free as a bird. For the rest of my career I will be flying the contract. I agree with USMCProbes 100% on the good the bad, heaven and hell, happiness' and madness...hehhe. It is so true in China..! But for those looking for the job in China the straight talk.....I can say depends on what you need. The Money is great..14 to 16K per month is good and now the airlines even pay your taxes for the IRS. Is the pay enough, the legacy guys may be thinking hard about it now.

How does a guy pick the right airline and agency? Only god knows that and you need a little luck. I feel I had both, and hope other have the same. Is China for the commuter?? You may commute to the west for 6 months but in reality, I would think hard about that. Even with the money, I dont think it is worth it. If you can avoid the commute, that is different, you can manage it. Can I bring the family? That depends on your lifestyle and your wife's level of stress she can stand. It China, you have a serious language barrier, the best is to make family friends with other expats and keep it tight then the wife will do better. The kids are bullet proof they can take it no problem. The English schools are costly, 8 to 10K RMB a month (1000 to 1500 USD) per month, per Child. Cost a living is Cheap in Chengdu and many expats and western stores.

Pollution? Hell yes, like one cant imagine. Air pollution, Forget local food, best to shop at ITO Yokado, Carrefour or Metro stay away from Chinese brands, everything..! You can make your apartment safe with air filters etc. The water is OK to shower, shave, wash dishes but try not to drink it.

The Chinese people are nice but rude habits westerners can't understand, spitting, kids urinate on the street sometimes in stores, driving No Rules. I guess what I am saying the Chinese people are very friendly and kind you just need to see beyond the way they are taught. The airlines normally will treat you like a Rock Star, but if you mess up set up a court for you. I manage to walk the line, avoid QARS, having a beer then drive, I mean any drink at all or you can face jail time.

I am just a line pilot, not a recruiter. I was asked to help out at the WASINC JOB FAIR by my airline, answer questions for others so that is what I can do.

I enjoy my life and wish the best of luck to other seeking work in China, so far away from the normal World. I hope my posts help give some insight to those looking to make the move but still I have a hard time finding the words to do it.

I do tend to believe most of the posts on PPRuNe even the negative I just filter through it. When I first came to China in 2008 I started by reading PPRuNe and slowly ended up where I am now, in China.

Good luck,

On Final
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