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On Final;
I will be interested to hear if the current pay here in PRC is enough to start getting more legacy US pilots to come here. AMR's bankruptcy will probably get some 737 guys to jump ship, at least for a while. Maybe a long while. Actually, guys taking a leave from a job they can go back to are the ONLY pilots I would recommend China to. It is just too much of a professional minefield to bet your career on. But right now, the money rocks.

I will back up everything On Final has written about China, both good and bad. Actually good and bad is an understatement. Fantastic and catastrophically stupid are a better description, IMHO. In some ways I will never have a better job than I have here. In some ways I will never have a worse job. But at the end of the day I am a prostitute, and the money here is keeping me in the game, at least until Feb 25th, which is the next day that Parc deposits money in my account. On that day, I will start looking forward to March 25.
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