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Informed sources (PitPass) reckon what appears at the first race will look nothing like that which was shown. They also hope the Caterham will look different.
A few commentators have said that the front wings at least shown on most of the launch cars are there to stop their rivals from seeing the real item.However,after the first race the teams will probably be employing a few guys to do nothing more than examine and get photos of the other cars especially if they run away with a win in the first race so they can be copied.
McLaren did it last year as do most teams I bet even AN will be keeping a close eye on the others.
No mention of Webber giving Vettel a run for his money then I notice
What I was really saying was that I hoping that another team would be able to step up to the plate and give RedBull some competition but yes it would be fantastic to see Mark giving Seb some competition.If he can do better in quaky and do better with his starts then who knows.
The old Bull vs the young Bull sort of thing

Not unheard of as well because we all know most pundits (as well has some well known and blindingly obvious fans of Lewis on this thread) gave JB little
chance of keeping up with Lewis.They thought that JB was over the hill as most do with Mark but the reality was that JB wiped the floor with his much younger team mate.
As I said not unheard of and we will soon see but I do know of at least one person who will be throwing a tantrum if Lewis does not get his act together this year.If not he can always go back to being a male model for a certain market

Even better is another Australian racing full time this year and hopefully we will see some good results from him.
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