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Based on last seasons results seems a reasonable assumption.
You have got that right SFFP.

Hellsbrink,your pic looks like MW is looking at someone (probably JB) and saying "I better give LH a hug so he doesn't feel left out"

In reality I found the pic I posted on UK site and it was something that someone else (in the UK) said.

Lewis does look a bit sheepish don't you think?
And for the conspiracy theorists.. anything to be read into the fact that the McLaren had Button's name on the side??
I don't doubt that McLaren understand how fast Lewis can be but after his disastrous last year maybe they are trying to motivate him for this season?

The only problem is that we all know how confidence in sport is all important so I hope for his sake that Lewis has a good result in the first few races.If Jenson beats him he will need all the help he can get.

To be honest I sincerely hope that Lewis or Jenson (and wouldn't it be wonderful if Kimi as well ) manages to be a threat to SV at RedBull?

SV will start with a truck full of confidence as will Jenson so if it will be interesting to see which car has the goods because there are probably between 4 and 6 drivers capable of winning IF they have the right machine and a reasonable amount of good luck.

I did notice that Lewis has seemed to regained his sense of humour at least when he mentioned that Massa should be happy because the new McLaren has bigger mirrors this year.
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