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It is obvious that no one has any idea of the process to have an ILS installed at an airport.

It has nothing to do with the airport operator.

The board of Airline Representatives (for that airport) ask Airservices what an ILS installation would cost.

Airservices do the terrain appraisal and costing (installation, lighting, ongoing maintenance, calibration). Lighting is a big cost.

The airlines are told what the increase in air service charges will be for the ILS installation. The airline beancounters then determine whether the installation is cost effective. They then inform the Board of Airline Representatives whether they want to go ahead with the installation.

So the airlines determine whether they want the ILS. Simple as that.

It has to be this way as it is a user pays system - can you imagine if a CAT III system was installed at say Alice Springs without the airlines approval they would go ballistic over the cost?
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