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in no way am I advocating knowledgable breaking of the rules. Jaba missed my post because he read it as it was, and that was a light hearted summaray of what should happen.

i'll put my super serious hat on now..........

I made my comment based on the fact that this is a national airtime show, and it is the producers job to sensationalise what they air to sell tv time. Not all of what goes to air can be considered an accurate representation of the truth. Much of the editing is going to get any pilot into trouble, regardless of his/her adherance to the rules. I call heavily on the FWA and Ice Pilots series for that.

A good investigation would reveal anything prosecutable. But that is not how our regulator chooses to act. It appears clear to me that they prosecute at the drop of a hat, and make the evidence fit the crime, even when the government prosecutors choose not to follow up the claim.

Our regulations, give a penalty unit for transgressions of the law. CASA it appears to me, does not apply those penalty units, but seeks revocation of your privileges under the not a fit and proper person banner.

I see NOTHING positive or pro-active in promoting safety in that approach. A person who has been bitten in the wallet is more likely to spruik the safety message than one who has lost their privs. The later person is more likely to gain support for their wrong actions by those wishing to crucify the establishment.

I live in Vic, the policed state.....our road rules and penalties are some of the harshest in the land. You cock it up, the first thing you do is pay. Could you imagine Vicpol applying to the courts to take your ticket permanently becuase you are not a fit and proper person..there would be community uproar!

The whole idea of a fine system is to re-inforce education. Casa should use it. You bust the 250kt limit below 10k and think its ok. Imagine if that trangsression cost you $250? would you pay more attention to that rule? I bet your arse you'd only pay that fine once in your life. But current culture in CASA will see that you never fly again.
Is that penalty worth the resultant loss of career? experience to the industry?

The jones skiing footage.haven't seen it, but hell yer, i'd have a go down a slalom course. I ain't a bad skier, and the chopper jock ain't gunna put me in any danger, because i'll throw the handle at him a long time before he does.....what he does to himself.............

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