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There is a Movie starting this month called Red Tails the story of the Tuskagee Airmen, directed by George Lucas.

It is a great story, magnificent visuals, and if any of you truly believe the flight sequences are real, I feel for you.

Cinematographers can do magic with visual effects and I am sure in the case of the Channel 10 director and camera men in the Jones doco suitable visual crafting was applied and the effects dramatised the actual performance.

CASA might rely on "footage" that is crafted to entertain an audience and which bears little resemblance to the actusl events.

The presentation of the evidence in a court will be to say the least an edifyling experience once the "cinematographers" account for the way they use their craft to enhance visual experience in order to entertain.

Yup I wait with anticipation to see them present an untainted case that impeaches without doubt !!!!!!!
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