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It is all about systems and SMS with a tick box approach. Nothing wrong with that but inspectors can dig bit deeper and Check processes are working, also there to offer help and guidance.
Not according to CASA's award winning mag 'Flight Safety' (current issue). Their article called 'Common Sense', yeah I know that's laughable, on SMS implementation states:
Using parts of an SMS without tailoring them to your
own organisation or circumstances is contrary to the
central idea of SMS. ‘Such a box-ticking exercise would
be both dangerous (thinking you are being safe when
you are not) and a waste of time,’ he says.
Box-ticking is in many ways the opposite of safety
culture. Just as with 'culture', there is no exact definition
of 'safety culture', but a 2006 ICAO document makes
a good stab when it refers to a good safety culture as
‘a corporate safety culture that fosters safe practices,
encourages safety communications and actively
manages safety with the same attention to results as

financial management.’


Good to see they practise what they preach (not)!

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