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Well here I am on a freelance basis out to the east of Moson, on a new and very nice aircraft, but paid the industry standard, dependent on your view, with no per diems, in this part of the world it seems that there is a hierarchy and in that I should be able to eat for nothing...... ???? Now I'm not young and am thankful to have work, however, if I am not worthy of fair terms of employment like the next man, then I am old enough and wise enough to "do one", and go with my integrity intact.
I have been offered a permanent position and have said, treat me on the same basis as others in the operation or get someone else. Always remember too that people in the office will promise you one thing and then proudly deliver something else, shafting you and satisfying their own climb to favour, but then, aren't pilots secondary in the pecking order ?................. over here anyway !

Unless everyone sees the bigger picture, the time for decent reward for your toil is not round the corner but way down the road for a good while yet.
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