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I dunno,
but from what I have learnt/seen over the years, I become convinced that CASA are using VicPol as their role model. (just got notification I need to pay for being 1km over the limit.....adjusted down by 3km in a 60 zone....so much for the 10% error the manufacturer is permited)

I've been lucky to have only been ramped twice in all my years flying....both within 5 years. All i can say is that difference of 5 years was amazing. First 2 FOI's despite their questions, were very helpfull. (I wasn't local and was also going somewhere unfamiliar)
The second time, I was local, needed nothing from them, all my boxes ticked, and they were very adversiarial. It showed so badly that one of my non aviation passengers commented on how officious the 2 blokes walking up to us looked. They were rude and self righteous through the whole encounter. What a difference a few years make.

If that trend has continued, then I hope big Milt does em bareback!....slowly

Edit: They also look VERY unprofessional!. 500 id tags hanging from their necks. Put the tags in the bin, stick em in a common uniform instead of a $2 suit from 1971 and get some pride going in the coal face workers.
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