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Ahhh your mind needs de-casa-izing

What that means is the Jones case has come about because of the kind of organisation CASA have become over many many years. The fact they have acted like rogues with scant respect for the regulations is a by product of CASA not doing their job properly.

Lets face it, in my hypothetical story above, can you really imagine any operator cordially inviting the local CASA FOI into their fold to work on such a plan? I doubt it, and from what I hear up north, not in your life!!

On the other hand I have seen some very good pro-active efforts from within CASA in particular the new GA Task force and the guy heading that up. I surely hope he is not the one who is grinding the axe on a nail Jones at all expense program. The problem however will have had its roots long before Peter John was given this job to do so maybe he is handed a poisoned chalice in this case. I have no idea who is responsible for such cases as the Jones case.

If the CASA was built around a different philosophy, safety would be improved, and would grow organically rather than being synthetically injected into us all.
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