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I think Jones and those who have the purported evidence take a leaf out of the regulators book and play cat and mouse with them. Hide or destroy any evidence in your possession, do whatever it takes to deflect, spin, obsfucate, anything basically as long as you don't get caught.
That's what CASA do when it suits them so you may as well follow their example. Give them nothing, make it as hard for them to ping you as possible, pay off an eye witness if you have to, it is worth it. They don't play by the rule book so neither should Jones. If he is smart he should know by now that they are out to hang him my any means available. Fight fire with fire.

Whether this guy is right or wrong I don't give a sh#t any more to be honest. CASA can't be trusted so it is time the entire aviation community went to ground and do a 'hear no evil see no evil', don't communicate with them, report, advise, update or inform them if you can avoid it. They will only burn or destroy you. They can't be trusted and are not interested in fairness so it is time to go to ground and be as uncooperative as humanly possible.

To all CASA I give you the 'one finger salute'!
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