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allthecoolnamesarego - totally agree mate. We have a TV show where Mr Jones 'appears' to have broken several fairly strong rules, for which many other individuals out there have been prosecuted for. If CASA chooses to ignore something as obvious as regulations being broken on a primetime tv series, what does that say about them turning a blind eye when they can't see it on their 50 inch plasmas sitting at home !

There may be approvals in place by Mr Jones, and things may have been made to look different on the tv show than what happened, but surely if he has nothing to hide he shows the tapes and CASAs allegations are unfounded. How would you feel if you were prosecuted by CASA for an offence and a bloke doing it on tv gets away with it?

Seriously though, what happened to his 'control' of what went to air. I've spoken to a pilot involved in the US discovery series 'flying wild alaska', and part of the agreement the CEO of that company had was a total veto on what went to air in regards to anything to do with the operation of his a/c, not to cover up any dodgy ops, but to ensure that nothing that may have appeared dodgy went to air so they had no issues with the FAA.

Love the I'm very experienced line, no experienced pilot has ever died, you let the footage go to air you have to had expected the heat from the regulator !
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