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Flybean, frankly you're only losing a few bucks for the first month and then you're up a running with the rest. If you have some buddies that are interested, have them PM me as I don't want to put company info on a public forum. I was hired directly through the company and personally believe its the best way to go.

I can tell you now. Overall, Cebu Pacific is the best contract out there if you consider lifestyle and pay. The only drawback is that the job doesn't appear to be long term as the minute they have enough local pilots, the expats are gone. They are very hesitant to renew contracts so a word to the wise, come for a vacation, enjoy your time here, but don't quit your day job.

The flying is good, fun, and mostly hassle free, considering MNL is an overloaded airport with one main runway. For an international airport, that means delays. I've been flying into this airport for almost 15 years and it takes patience and extra fuel.

If you come over here with a good attitude and with the thought that you truly are on a contract and not for the long term, it's the best.

The ground school is short, the sim is as you said, cold turkey and boom, a hard core check ride. But, as with all checkrides, they push you but the goal is to pass you. I have heard that on the atr, the checkride is actually in the airplane so really, how hard can that be. Dual engine failure? Not.

You'll get at least one day a week off and probably two. Check online for the ATR destinations, they are fun and sporty.

I have a few Buds flying the atr and they all seem happy. There's only a couple really short runways and the rest they share with jet traffic so not a worry. I think there are only a handful of expat atr pilots so don't be surprised that you don't receive a reply from one.

Good luck!

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