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Can you safely land the atr on a 900 meter runway?

Yes, It is and ATR! I am used to those conditions. I fly the caribbean and we land at places where the RWY is 1000Meter at 21320 kg. Oviously. you have performance limitaions such as head wind and tailwind, etc.

I have no problems dealing with that. I think the biggest problem is when you get someone that has never done that before. I just want to confirm all the bad rap and good rap on this forum. Iam strongly considering going there. I want to have a good time. You know, point A to point B having fun! It seems that wou get work pretty good there. It is ok as long they are straight forward with me. No contract violations and money when is due. I have a good attitude and if I go there it is to make money and work.
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