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I only flew in a Viscount once; BAF, Man to Guernsey, 1986. I proffered my PPL and asked for the jump seat. "We don't have one, but you can stand behind the co-pilot". As we lined up on 06 'the boss' turned in his seat and fixed me with a beady eye.. "if anything goes wrong, you weren't here, right?".

I remember the aeroplane being very smooth and quiet (I did sample the cabin for a while). In fact the exterior and the cabin were like a new aeroplane. The flight deck, however, was like a decommissioned WW2 bomber. Ancient panels, empty racks with disconnected cables, hand painted surfaces; the aeroplane here looked about 100 years old and VERY well used!

We returned from that holiday in an F27 (which did have a jumpseat for me, take off to landing). Half the number of Darts, seven times the noise and vibration!

A Viscount landed wheels up at Aldergrove one night by mistake on a training flight. Apparently it was the only aircraft on the fleet that didn't have an undercarriage horn.
A friend (retired BA captain) tells me of a 1-11 that did that at Teesside. Training flight, flapless approach, no pax, flown at full fuel to get the weight up to realistic service levels. At that weight the flapless approach speed was above the range of the U/C warning system; 2 training captains and a trainee all forgot the gear. But the 1-11 was a tough ship; they jacked it up, lowered the gear, and flew it home to EGCC for the bent underside panels to be beaten out!
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